Our Pet Sitting service  is around 20 minutes of love and attention depending on the type of Pet and the care required. We love to cuddle and play with those that desire the attention. For all the pets and the owners it is a general check on the well-being of your pet and the security of your home. If we are able to take a photo of your  pet we send  that in a text update and we usually do a short video or photo post on our Facebook page, everyone loves to see who we are caring for and if you are out of phone range it’s a great way to keep up to date with your Pet.

We are not intrusive so if a pet wishes to remain hidden or is too shy to come down stairs or out from behind the television, we speak softly but don’t approach. We enjoy spending time with those who have become special friends, we have watched kittens become mature cats, guinea pigs have a litter and even some grow old and cross that rainbow bridge. We also offer ourselves as  pet sitters for birds and lizards in Sydney.

At Your Critter Sitter Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, we hold keys for clients who regularly use our service, some only once or twice a year others more often. We have clients who are Academics, Professionals,  Blue and White collar workers, everyone has a pet and everyone needs a Pet Sitter now and again.  For all these busy people we cover those planned and last minute work trips, weekends away, School Holidays, Public holidays or just those times when you need to get away.

If we hold your key we really don’t require any notice, so if you get a spur of the moment offer to have a weekend away all you need do is ring, email, text or book online through your personal Client Portal and be comfortable in the knowledge that Your Critter Sitter will visit your pet as often as you wish while you are away.

If you haven’t used us before please go to our website https://yourcrittersitter.com.au and fill out the enquiry form found at the bottom of every page. You will then receive a phone call and between us we will arrange a meeting at your home so we can meet each other and we can meet your beloved Pet and we can discuss your personal needs for the time you are away. That is also the time we pick up a key.

We look forward to a long relationship with you as your Pet Sitting professional.

Pet Sitting Sydney

One fee
4 pets

365 days per year
(100% loading public holidays)

Food area and bowls washed,
fresh meal put out

Water bowls
refilled daily

Litter tray scooped clean
& replacement litter when required

Meet & Greet
to discuss all your pet needs

Pet Sitting Sydney Pricing


  • $35 per visit (as many visits per day as required)
  • 100% loading public holidays
  • $15 key pick up & return
  • Complimentary service, bring in newspapers and mail, water indoor plants