Goal Setting 2017

Goal Setting 2017

Obese Dogs?

Today I’d like to go back to the goals and discuss your dog’s weight for 2017. Dog obesity is on the rise as steadily as our own ‘human’ rates of obesity. Processed food, too much dry food, treats, table snacks, it all adds up over time and our bad habits as owners put the extra weight on our dog.

Let’s start by checking to see if your dog is on that dangerous slide toward health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, joint issues, skin disease and cancer. We know as older dogs slow down and their activity reduces they are prone to weight gain. And then there are some breeds that are predisposed to gain weight like Labradors and Pugs.

Stand over your dog and check for a waist. There should be a visible indentation behind his ribs. Can you feel his ribs? They shouldn’t be sticking out, but you should be able to find them easily through a layer of skin and muscle, not a roll of fat.

In my next blog I’ll be discussing some ideas about changing your dog’s Diet to bring him back to his correct weight.