Is your cat over weight?

Pet Sitter Is Your Cat Overweight?

Is your cat over weight?

Obese Cat

I was talking with you last time about some goals for your cat in 2017.

Today, I’d like to discuss your cat’s diet. Most of the cats we care for are fed dry food from the expensive endorsed brand to the supermarket special.

I know most vets will tell you that dry food is the ‘balanced’ diet, with all the added nutritional needs for your cat. After a generation of feeding this diet to cat’s researchers are learning that dry food isn’t good for cats. The studies show;

  • The dry doesn’t contain the amount of liquid cats require and cats don’t make up this loss by drinking fresh water. This is a major cause of Feline urinary track problems.
  • Dry food is high in carbohydrates and the sugar imbalance this causes leads to overweight and obesity in cats.
  • Dry food is basically a plant-based protein, soy, while cats need an animal-based protein.
  • There’s no abrasive material in dry food so your cat’s teeth need to be cleaned manually, usually an expensive trip to the vet, to avoid dental problems.

With this unnatural diet cats, can be overweight, develop urinary and diabetic problems, skin irritations, vomiting and diarrhoea.

But there is a simple and infective way to improve your cat’s health and well-being.

In our next blog I’ll share some diet info, and tips and hints about a healthier way to feed your cat in 2017.