‘Doggy Drama’

Dog Obedience Training

‘Doggy Drama’

Dog Obedience Training

“Why do people do this!”

The screeching voice of the woman dog owner flew in my open window while I was stopped at the traffic lights. She was hauling back an overweight lab-cross on a retractable dog lead. The dog was front legs in the gutter munching on something.

I had to smile. Lab’s are the most hungry gutted of all the dog breeds. Having owned one, I knew how hard it was to walk anywhere without tossed away lunch or potato chips bags being pounced on like long lost treasure.

This particular lab and his owner were in the usual argument. one wanting to just get home from the shops, and the other wanting to trawl the gutters. She found a passer-by who also had a grin on her face (maybe she had also owned a lab) and the two stopped, shaking their heads as the lab continued to enjoy his find.

“I wish people wouldn’t drop their rubbish on the streets.” Cried the woman with the lab.

The lights turned green and my attention went back to my driving. All the way home I continued to ponder on the dog owner and the lab. Why is it some dog owners drag the rest of us into being responsible for their dog’s behaviour and make a big drama out of it?

‘My dog only jumped on you because…’. ‘Your dog grabbed my dog’s toy so…’. It’s a drama played out in the dog park every day. ‘If it wasn’t for you and/or your dog my dog would be perfect’.

What makes dog parents so dramatic. Some seem to enter the dog park already pent up and ready for a scrap. They arrive in the park, dog straining on the end of the lead, the owner leaning back as if walking head-long into a 10 knot southerly and it all goes pear-shaped from there.

The biggest drama is over ‘throwing the ball’.  Having paid $15 for the latest, you-beaut, wiz-bang, off the internet ball, the owner immediately takes it to the park and throws it the length of the park with the latest and greatest new throwing-stick. And another dog catches it!

I don’t need to describe how the argument over the said-ball goes. We’ve all been there, done that. The frowns, the dirty looks, the judgmental stares, the accusing finger. And the ultimate, the private huddle in the middle of the park that you and your dog are not invited to be part of.

I find it’s not only the dogs that come to the park to let off stream, to reduce their stress, to off-load their frustration.  There’s plenty of dog owners who do it as well. The need to make out their dog is perfect and it’s your fault when it’s not. You caused this break in their perfectly behaved dog.

So, the drama and the finger pointing go on.

Instead of those useless signs, ‘Dog Owners must be responsible for picking up their dog’s poo’ I’d like to see signs saying;

‘Dog Owners need to be responsible for the behaviour of their own dogs!’


Penned by Hannah Collins