Exercise of the Mind!

Dog Gates Indoor

Exercise of the Mind!

Dog Gates Indoors?

Jake almost didn’t get walked today. I was stalled at the ‘child-proof’ gate indoors for the dog. Baby-gates are not unusual in our clients’ homes, in fact, they are almost a necessity.

We use our gate to stop the Chihuahuas from charging up the hallway when the front door bell rings. It doesn’t stop the mad barking but at least the visitor can get into the house before the snapping and snarling to intimidate the stranger begins.

Anyway, Jake’s gate wasn’t like ours and there was no slide-the-plastic-thingy and quick open. I tried a trigger grip…a handle grip-pull-up…push buttons in while pulling handle up…slide plastic-thing and press buttons and pull handle up…pull, push, slide, with mouth open…while standing on left leg…I tried everything!

I stopped and came up for air, took a deep breath and stepped back to reassess the situation.

The gate divided the back of the house, kitchen and laundry, from the main living area. Jake had a large comfortable bed, a couple of food bowls and a water dish plus toys on his side. I had the front door, television, white mat, cream lounge and two floor to ceiling bookcases.

The gate looked pretty sturdy which was a good thing because Jake was a heavyweight in the small dog breed division. He’d been super excited about coming out for a walk, a big slobbery smile on his face, tail wagging like crazy, jumping up and down like that crazed poodle on YouTube, seeing its owner.

Now, he was quiet but not in a good way. His friendly slobbery smile, lolling tongue, and happy tail had changed to hunched shoulders and a low growl. His hyper state of excitement at the prospect of a walk had turned to juvenile angst. The gate and I were jail and key.

I crouched down to the level of my bifocals. There were arrows and words etched in the moulded plastic as clear as Ikea directions. However, I give everything one more pull, twist, lift and suddenly the handle flew up and Jake charged out knocking my glasses off and burying his toenails in my shin bone.

Driving to the dog park I thought about how useful to dog owners baby gates really are. With 2 gates you can make a safe space in the hallway for the dog, his bed, toys and water bowl. With 1 gate you can guard the bedroom and have a quiet night without doggy snoring or save the toilet roll from the puppy or stop the underfoot begging while you’re preparing a meal or save friends from being licked to death or exercise the brain of a dog walker closing in on her mid-sixties!

Penned by Hannah