Know Where to Cut BEFORE You Cut: Nail Anatomy

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Know Where to Cut BEFORE You Cut: Nail Anatomy

Cutting Dogs Nails

It’s super important to know where the quick is on your pet’s nails before cutting. The quick is a sensitive area of the nail that contains a supply of blood. If you cut too far and you hit the quick, not only will you draw blood, but this is also painful for your baby! If your pet’s nails are clear or white, it’s the pink area that you can see in the centre of the nail. If he has black nails, this will be a little more challenging because you cannot see it. You would need to make tiny cuts until you find a black centre (pulp) on the edge of the cut. This tells you that you are getting close to the quick and need to stop. If it’s white and flaky at the edge of the cut, then you can cut a little further. You will want to get within millimetres of the quick. I know some people like to cut at a 90-degree angle, but I prefer to cut at 45 degrees and then file down at 90 degrees to round and smooth the edges.