Today was one of those days you’d rather forget. You see, we had our beautiful old cat Cameo put down this afternoon. I’ve been crying on and off all day since the decision was made this morning. I’m crying now to the point where these words are just a blur on the page.
She has been sick for a while now with thyroid issues and we thought we had that sorted only to discover that now her kidneys are struggling as well combine all that with her age, 15 and the fact that we love her so much and couldn’t bear to see her suffering.

She had a pretty good life after a perilous beginning and she was a well travelled, cat too. Born in Nelson on the South Island of New Zealand, her mum died in childbirth and Hannah bottle raised her and was told not to expect her to live, but live she did. She travelled all round NZ with Hannah for the first 5 years of her life before moving across the ditch to be with Hannah’s son and his family in WA. Cameo stayed there for 2 years until I met Hannah in 2009 and in 2010 they moved across the country to live here in Sydney. So Sydenham has been Cameo’s home for 8 years and in that time she became my cat too.

She loved to walk all round your head in the middle of the night so you would wake up and fill her food bowl because she was a little peckish. It was not uncommon to wake up with Cameo grooming your hair, I assume so we looked fabulous upon waking.

Cameo bested all the dogs who stayed in our home over that time, she would casually take a swipe at them as they walked past from wherever she had perched herself. Our two Chihuahua loved Cameo too though mostly for the food she left behind. AS she wandered away from the bowl after having taken her fill they would swoop in and devour any and all leftovers, fighting each other as though they were starving homeless creatures not knowing where or when their next meal would come from.

Lately though she had been showing her age, she had lost weight and rather than surveying her kingdom, preferred to stay in the bedroom. She had a spot inside the wardrobe which we kept ajar just for her, we moved all the clothes away from her ‘spot’ so they didn’t get covered in Cameo hair. She had a spot under the bed where I had made a cosy fleecy lined polystyrene box for those times when a girl just needed a little more privacy and warmth. Mostly though she loved to simply lay about on the edge of the bed so she could casually drop an arm over to swipe at any passing Chihuahua as a less than subtle reminder that she Cameo was in charge of the house and all who lived within it’s walls.

She is and will continue to be missed.