20 minutes of love and attention to cuddle, play and generally check on the well-being of your pet. A photo to reassure you, a text update, a post on our Facebook page, everyone loves to see who we are caring for.

We are not intrusive, if a pet wishes to remain hidden, or is too shy to come down stairs, out from behind the television, we talk softly but don’t approach. We enjoy spending time with those who have become special friends, watching kittens become mature cats, guinea pigs have a litter.

Pet Sitting Sydney

One fee
4 pets

365 days per year
(100% loading public holidays)

Food area and bowls washed,
fresh meal put out

Water bowls
refilled daily

Litter tray scooped clean
& replacement litter when required

Meet & Greet
to discuss all your pet needs

Pet Sitting Sydney Pricing


  • $35 per visit (as many visits per day as required)
  • 100% loading public holidays
  • $15 key pick up & return
  • Complimentary service, bring in newspapers and mail, water indoor plants