60 minutes in the park gives your dog a chance to be ‘a dog’. To run, chase, bark and rush around without the worry of knocking over the furniture, making too much noise and having an accident on the rug.

Playing in the park is fun, messy and stimulating. It lowers stress-levels, improves fitness, encourages canine social skills and forms ‘doggy’ friendships.

4 dogs in each group means individual attention, one on one bonding under the watchful guidance of a trained dog handler.

Dog Walking Inner West

Monday to Friday

Off-leash, Fenced Dog Parks

Walks cancelled Public Holidays & extreme weather

Probation period applies

Our Dog Walking Service

Your dog is a very special friend and his welfare is your main concern. Before you hand him over to a dog walker you want to ask some very important questions. How reputable is the business? Are they reliable and trustworthy? Are they insured? Do they have policies and procedures in place in case of a vehicle accident, a dog fight involving a trip to the vet, the loss of a dog? Do they comply with all the council animal by-laws and the by-laws covering the number of dogs they can walk in a dog park? What are the training standards for their team?

We are not a start-up with a pair of new trainers and a second-hand car. Your Critter Sitter has been a well-known pet services business in Marrickville and surrounding municipalities since 2004. We are fully insured and a member of the PIAA (Pet Industry Association of Australia).

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Dog Walking Inner West Our Dog Walking Service

We are not dog trainers or dog behaviourist. However, you can’t work with as many dogs as we have over the years and not have learnt the basics of how they behave, how they communicate, how they react, what they like and what makes them happy.

Our team members are chosen because they have empathy with dogs and are already involved in some part of the pet industry. We do have a high turn-over of staff because we provide a stepping stone on their career path toward becoming a vet, a vet nurse, a zoo keeper, a dog groomer or starting their own pet business.

The strength of our business is our service standards.

To arrange a Meet & Greet to discuss your dog’s individual needs contact us today.